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Attorney John D. Ray

John D. Ray is the owner of The Ray Law Firm, LLC and he has over 25+ years of experience in Workers Compensation and Personal Injury. He served as a mediator for the Louisiana Workforce Commission and the Office of Workers' Compensation (OWC). John has also worked for both New Orleans and Lafayette based defense firms representing various employers and workers' compensation insurers.  For most of the last eleven years, John served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Louisiana Department of Justice, where he specialized exclusively in representing and defending all state agencies and institutions in workers' compensation suits. For the last seven and a half years of that time, he served as Section Chief of the Workers' Compensation Section of Louisiana Department of Justice's Litigation Division. As Section Chief, he was the supervisor over all workers' compensation litigation handled by the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General statewide. In addition, as Section Chief, he served as in-house legal advisor to the Office of Risk Management and the Louisiana Department of Justice regarding legal matters relating to workers' compensation. 

Areas of Practice

  • Workers Compensation
  • Notary Services
  • Litigation
  • Personal Injury

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